Dimitri Moucheroud, 1980, France

I met Dimitri at the Hostel Estrellita in Cusco where almost all cyclists meet. When we shared our plans and got to know each other better we decided to join for a certain time as we felt both motivated by the other's courage  to ride an ambitious route. Dimitri is a likeable and smart journalist from Paris. I like riding with him.
Dimitri has got a live GPS-tracker which shows his position every 20 minutes. His journey started in Quito and ends up in Ushuaia too from where he will go back to his job in Paris.
We are riding together from Cusco, Peru, to San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, between September and November 2011.


Stefan Müller, 1981, Switzerland

About me:
I love sports, especially outdoor, like windsurfing, kiting, biking, snowboarding, climbing etc.
4 years ago I decided to work in summer time as a windsurf-instructor and in winter time in my original profession as a mechanic.

Like at every end of the season, last autumn there was the question, what to do the following summer. As I knew that Christoph was doing this trip, (which I really think is a big adventure!) it didn't really take long to decide that I would like to be part of this journey from Cartagena to Cuszco. So here I am! :-)

My motivation and goal for this trip:
Exploring a  continent I have never been to before by cycling and camping. Getting to  know nature, people and culture.

Reto Diriwächter, 1985, Switzerland

Reto was part of the adventure since the beginning. We planned and prepared together. He rode his bycicle from Prudhoe Bay to Guadalajara within six and a half months for 10'250km.
It was his original plan to go back to work in Switzerland after that again.

Hobbies and spare time
In my spare time I am an enthusiastic mountain biker, in winter I like snowbording and snowkiting. On weekends I lead a group called Royal Rangers which helps youth to experience nature. During my vacations I travel a lot with my VW camper van. Like this I can drive to the Beaches of Southern France to do kitesurfing.

Working background
I love to construct components and am fascinated by every kind of technics. I like my work as a polymechanic at Schenker Hydraulik AG, Switzerland.

My motivation and goal for this trip
I was looking for a trip where I could include biking and traveling to get in touch with other people and their cultures. Furthermore I would like to get a better knowledge of their languages. I am open-minded and would like to expand my horizon of life.

Matt Gorzlancyk, 1984, Wisconsin USA

Matthew G., my American buddy, whom we met in San Francisco shared a time of more than five months. We crossed together the whole Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and separated only in El Salvador.
We profited of each other, learned a lot in the common time but saw in the end also that a separate time would be the way for both of us to have a new adventure and challenge again.

We met Matthew in the South of San Francisco at the end of September 2010. When talking together we realised that he had planned the same trip. After riding for some days together it became our desire to continue our travel still further because we understood each other so well. Matt is a sympathetic and smart guy. We like his good and easy mood every day.

His blog is: www.aflyonmybackpack.com
There you will get an amplified impression of our trip in addition to our website. Matt has got a live GPS track with him, which allows you to follow our current position which is being updated about every two hours.

Other companions

Further, there were some persons who accompanied me for a short time or were on their own tour when we met on the road and went on for a distance together:

Julius, from Spokane Washington, rode with us for about 1000km along the US-westcoast.

Martin and Isa, friends from Switzerland, joined us in Guadalajara and left us in Belize. During these six weeks we did not always cycle together as both got sick once.

Matthew A., my Canadian friend, whom we already had met on day number two on the Dalton Highway rode with me from Antigua Guatemala to Leon, Nicaragua.