Thanks + Links


Thank you

  • To everybody who helped us in any way before or on tour
  • Our parents, thanks for all your help and backing.
  • Benno and Renzo, thank you for your support of our website.
  • Pius and Stefan, thank you for your precious advice.
  • Walter, Stefan and Vreni, thank you for your support concerning our additional bicycle components.
  • Matthias, thank you for all the support completing our equipment.
  • Christian, thank you for supplying our recumbents.
  • Danielle, thank you for arranging a medical cocktail.
  • Rolf and Philipp, thank you for equipping us with the Rolls-Royce among the tents.
  • Sepp, thank you for providing real Swiss mountaineering equipment; Mammut goes cycling.
  • Hanna, thank you for arranging our flight and taking trouble to fulfill all of our special wishes.
  • ITFE stuff, thank you for your generous gift to my leave.
  • Manuel, Lars and El Durijo with the precious advises ;-), thank you for your great construction and manufacturing the part by watercutting.
  • Schenker Hydraulik, thank you for the opportunity to use your manufacture.
  • Reto and Daniela, thank you for your gift to my good-bye.
  • Qsi, thank you for your support to reach a generous sponsorship.
  • Andrea, Beat, Erika, Stefan and Stephan thank you for your last minute aid.

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