Visit to NP Torres del Paine.

A pity that the towers were hidden.

A must foto in Southern Chile, outside of Puerto Natales.

One of the few dogs I liked along the tour.

The endless pampa in its evening illumination.

What a warm welcome to Punta Arenas

A touching moment: First sight of Tierra del Fuego; Magellan Street separates.

Sleeping behind the new ferry terminal...

... I recommend it to all cyclists who want to catch the early ferry.

First steps on Tierra del Fuego, my emotions jumped.

Always good to share a few moments with other travellers.

Knocking out the last 400km throughout dry pampa.

I just loved the Southern wilderness and the loneliness.

Visiting a King Penguin colony at the end of Bahía Inutil.

They have settled here only a year ago.

A pity we don't understand the discussion.

The colony is only 15km off the mainroad, recommendable for everyone.

Another mine field from the 70ies, Pinochet is greeting.

Let's jump to Argentina! (Go on: Argentina, Gallery 4)