Amazing ride through a wood of pure araucaria trees

Approaching the Argentine pampa towards San Junin de los Andes

A view back:

Volcano Lanín

Pay attention, the gaps can cause you to fall.


The poor viper was knocked over on its tail.

Probably the 10'000th flat dog since Mexico

Every foal with a bodyguard

A great event: I reached 30'000km since Alaska.

We enter the Argentinian part of Patagonia North of San Martin de los Andes.

Beginning of the Route of the seven lakes:

A beautiful distance

Sometimes I felt like back home in Swiss Engadin.

The same kind of lakes beside the road.

National Park Nahuel Huapi...

... provides some good riding,...

... nice treasures beside the road...

... and awesome views.

Thanks for food and mate, we slept beside the road workers' deposit.

Beginning of the falling ash of the Chilean volcano Puyehue:

It covers everything depending on the wind direction.

Villa La Angostura suffered the most.

We felt it in our eyes, nose and mouth.

Best spot to sleep, protected from the strong wind in the pampa.

Bariloche ahead

We decided to jump back to Chile, part by ferries.

Argentine border station, a mate is a must.

Fortunately there are no bears in Patagonia, eating in the tent at the end of a rainy day.