Back to Chile - the third time

The Chilean side of Paso Agua Negra

Lovely weather after thunder and lightning

Golden moments out in the rocks

A cold morning on some 4400m

I enjoyed the last real downhill: from 4750m to zero

Snow daily, as there is a lot of humid thermic air ascending every day

I have to run down carefully...

... as I lost an important part of my back brake.

Paso Agua Negra is a desolated pass, there is few traffic.

The Chilean side is more coloured than the Argentine one.

It is a ride through many stone fields.

Isn't this pass spectacular?

Embalse La Laguna, dam lake on some 3500m

Further down the Pass road leads to Valley Elqui...

... a predestined location for vineyards:

There are plenty of them.

Vicuña ahead

Finally I reached the beaches of La Serena

Best drink for cyclists: Fresh fruit juice

Thanks guys, good job.

Coquimbo at the back

Heading South along the coast

Stealth camping only meters from the highway as I didn't find anything better. It can take nerves...

... but the reward was great.

Back to the official Panamerican Highway - some of the most boring kilometers.

Sometimes it reminded me of California.

Done, I reached Valparaiso at Christmas.

The steep streets of the Pacific harbour city.

Cerro Concepcion - houses in many different colours

Plaza Prat

The old timers of the city - the famous elevators

For once my legs may rest.

Cerro Artillería:

offers a good view over the bay

Climbing back up to Santiago - escaping the coastal morning fog

Fresh fruit for dinner

In good company: New Year's Eve in Santiago