Paso Sico: Juan Manuel and Sebastian, border officials, thanks for your hospitality you great guys.

Rodeo, Northern Ruta 40: teacher Fernando allowed me to sleep in the school, thank you.

Tomas, my friend from Ecuador came to visit me, we had been travelling together for 4 months in 2008.

We enjoyed the quesadillas in the streets of Cafayate.

Cafayate: Thanks guys for the good time.

The encounter gave me great joy: The Swiss Romands Maïka and Stéphane with Tomas and me.

Pastor Carlos and José with his family

Thanks for the good food everyday.

Nadine and Gaets, the Swiss couple who rode the Silkroad first. Good to meet you.

Argentine Mountaineers, Paso Agua Negra, San Juan - Foto C.Grillo

Emilio, Cecilia, Ana and Ricardo - They climb higher than I do. :-)