San Pedro de Atacama: The gang I had around me for 13 days :-)

Elio, my Argentine buddy

Every morning: Mate makes the real Argentino.

Joel, emigrated Swiss, tries to find his luck in Chile.

Alberto from Spain, Simon from Australia (who always called me Will) and me

San Pedro, a cultural island, it could be anywhere in the world.

Jaime, Escudo and Fabian

A nice evening with Swiss and Austrian motorcyclists and backpackers

Fiesta around fires

Back on the road, the Romanian Ralley freaks gave supplies, thank you.

Camp el Laco: thanks miners for food and drink.

Rudy from Canada, La Serena

Belgium cyclist, South of Los Vilos

The professors crew from Toronto, Viña del Mar

Anaïs and Daniela, German, Valparaiso

What's up? - Anaïs rides courageously alone through all Latin America.

Francisco, my couchsurfing host

Thanks for showing me the city.

Francisco's Eco-Ladrillos; he uses them instead of bricks.

I appreciated the time with you a lot, Frisco ;-) Thank you.

By coincidence I met Jürgen, Nadine and Gaets with his friend in Valparaiso again. What a surprise.

Jürgen, Alaska to Argentina; probably with German customs :-) we do not know that in Switzerland.

Meeting Pato in Santiago, thanks for helping me in the city...

... and taking me home. I appreciated your company. Thank you both.