Nice tourist group we met on Isla de Pescado, 10/28/2011:

Thanks for lunch.

Jürgen, German, rides his bike down from Alaska too, 10/29/2011

Kim Bong Il, from South Korea, Uyuni, 10/30/2011:

Taught me Chinese, without success :-)

Frank and his Dutch buddy, Uyuni, 10/31/2011

Nice to meet you.

Meeting up with Siska (Belgium), Joost and Michiel (both Dutch), Uyuni, 10/31/2011:

Michiel,, we met already in Nicaragua and Panama.

Jürgen, how long are you already waiting for your pizza?

Swiss meeting in Hotel Avenida, Uyuni, 11/01/2011

Rarely I met other cyclists on recumbents...

... the Belgim couple rides Nazca-Bikes from Quito to Ushuaia, 11/01/2011

Recumbent meeting

Lipez, Austalian and German motorcyclists, 11/05/2011:

Refugio Hotel Desierto, thanks for inviting me to coffee and snack.

Thanks for helping me amidst the desert, leaving me the torx tool,

Ping-Yi (Taiwan) and (Alex) Greece, Laguna Chalviri ahead, 11/08/2011: