Plaza de Bolívar, Bogotŕ

Nice glass painting in one of Bogotŕ’s churches

No worries, he won't crash - Maik, an old fox on recumbents

Ever eaten bees?

Certainly crunchy :-)

Where are the bananas?

Leaving the immense capital with Maik and John

Almost standard combustion

Downhill to Valle Magdalena

First time snow since Canada: Volcano Nevado del Tolima

On every tree seven other plants

Back to the mountains: Cordillera Central

Climbing Colombia's toughest pass road

... within short distance from 500m up to 3200m:

La Línea

Downhill to Armenia

Valle del Cauca

Special place to sleep at the fire fighters of Buga

Everyday nice people …

… but always …

… the same questions :-)

Colombia's riches: Coffee


... and granadichas – looks like caviar for vegetarians

Fruit in Cali’s streets

Manual sewing machine, what a great idea

The endless sugar cane fields all over Cauca

Ever thought about the process?

The boss presents his business:

The sticks

Step one: juice squeezer

The perfect cycling drink

We enjoyed it.

Step two:


Step three: bottling

... and we got the rest: power food for pedalling

The final bricks (80cents per piece)

Let's go on!

Colombia, a great country ...

... scenery ...

... wilderness ...

... and funny kids along the road: Watch out for the pet! :-)

Colombian tiger during its siesta

Reams of landslides - a common picture

Stefan with his guave gun

Visiting a local farmer:

Corn threshing

The South of Colombia:

Between Popayán and Pasto ...

... one of the nicest areas all over the great country

What an exciting ambience and no trace of FARC.

We enjoyed it ...

... to the full.

Climbing over to Pasto

For once on the real Panamerican Highway

The last kilometers – the landscape changes; we are approaching Ecuador.

Another way of coming along :-)

We are leaving Colombia being impressed. - A big compliment to this great country with its nice people.