Panama's West:

A ride through dry bush and grass land

Bush fire

For sale: 20$ (at least for me as a gringo)

country originals

Sometimes I am looked at as if I was an alien.

This flag can open a lot of doors:

I was recognised as a Swiss and invited to visit the local Nestlé factory.

Natá's colonial church

How tiring the Panamerican Highway can be:

Busy and boring

Finally the bridge I was longing for: Puente de las Americas, ...

... the only kilometer I did not ride - rush hour non stop and no space for bikes at all

Panama City

The canal:

The locks

This is how it works: Look at the water lines!


Good bye, next one!

Step one

Step two

Good bye

Reaching the Caribbean Side brings lots of changements.

Street life in Portobelo, ...

...which was originally an important colonial harbour.

Every bus a peace of art

The end of Panama - no road to Colombia

Break up on a sailing boat

Capitan James [Cook]

Our sailing boat, the Seahorse

Stopover at the San Blas Islands, ...

a little paradise to visit...

... with coral riffs everywhere

The coral bones

The archipel has got some 400 islands;...

... opportunity to explore, ...

... space enough to camp ...

... and moments to say good bye to Central America.