Entering the sixth of seven Central American countries

Beautiful countryside...

... but narrow roads.

Back to wild west


Checking out the beaches of the Peninsula Nicoya with my friend Donny

Finally we met: NW-Assi-Veteran Meeting - ex-working mates from back home

Half way?

Look from the bridge!

Wild crocodiles, normal inhabitants of Costa Rica's rivers.

Hello, hello - an anteater along the main road

How majestic the macaw parrots

Pacific Coast Highway - sometimes a ride through endless palm tree plantations

Palm oil production

Visit to National Park Manuel Antonio ...

... where wild life comes pretty close.

Nice paths ...

... and trails

A sloth

Do you recognize the bird?

A scary snake ...

... and a harmless butterfly.

A bored lizard ...

... and a lazy monkey.

The Pacific Coast Highway, a worthwhile ride through the jungle.

Almost everyday a new fruit, guaba

Good bye Costa Rica, I enjoyed this secure state.