Arriving in Nicaragua with Matt, my Canadian companion

Volcano San Cristobal is smoking quietly.

We love it riding in the cool early morning hours.

Camping in the back yard of a police station

Nicaragua, where the police stops you for different reasons. :-)

Obviously the dead chicken can't walk home by its own.

School uniform - a daily picture, Leon

What a coincidence, in Leon I meet Nacho + Idoia, the Spanish couple I had met in Haines, Alaska.

San Cristobal from the other side


... a nice colonial town beside Lago Nicaragua...

... with typical market

Common Nicaraguan means of transport

Normal conditions: The kids have to sell candies for living. - They assured: "We don't steal."

Water melons, a different way to drink the huge amount of water needed everyday.

Ferry station for Isla Ometepe: Sleeping safely protected by security officers.

Isla Ometepe - I am excited to reach this pearl.

... the kind of government of Nicaragua

Isla Ometepe, I felt like 50 years earlier.

Jicaro, a fruit that needs to be cooked to become a delicious juice.

I better not imagine riding over one of these.

Volcano Concepcion

The horse is almost as common as the bike.

Nice bird, but can become aggressive.

Again a picture you can see daily in all of Latin America

Public laundry...

... and uncommon decoration along the main road

Road construction - manual work only

Little Morgan's Lakeside Resort...

... a place to relax and enjoy the scenery

Hiking Volcano Maderas:

Jungle trails like in a picture book...

... along termite buildings...

... and monkey gymnastics

I loved the rain forest,...

... wilderness pure.

Done, up on the crater lake.

Next time I will remember the money in my pockets.

Concepcion's cloud cap

Windpark along the Panamerican Highway