Entering El Salvador

Recumbents, a big attraction, I even got asked several times if I was a cripple.

The mostly flat rides...

... on the shady Pazific Highway...

... along the coast...

... reminding us of the times in Oregon.

Central America, a row of vulcanoes

Sugar cane harvest

Climate neutral way of agriculture - probably not his motivation :-)

El Salvador's people...

... lovely folks.

Coco nuts everywhere, the perfect thirst quencher

Pupusas, beans + cheese in dough with salad - a delicious national meal

25 cents a piece, a cyclist is healthily fed with about 9 of them.

A common picture in this area

I don't understand how this cannot bother anyone, it's smelly in the whole village. (El Cuco)

Normal conditions on the main highway, probably the steel lids have been stolen.

The dryer East - good bye El Salvador