Detour to Belize means leaving Latin America...

... and entering an ancient British Colony...

... with its witness.

Alain, French, chose a Nazca recumbent to ride the Panamerican Highway

Read the subtitle!

The only city I ever entered through a cemetery

With all respect, the deeper you enter the tenser the ambience

Vacation on Caye Caulker

Some days to relax in the Caribbean Sea

Along the close riff our guide caught a sting ray - the smoothest skin ever

Meeting up with Martin and Isa

A Swiss pocket knife solves every problem.

Every evening a new spectacle

Martin, your are an excellent cook.

We enjoyed the days with you. Good bye and safe travels!

His gift: Pineapple and cake, it's touching everytime.

Nicest rain ever, some 25C.

We were offered to camp right next to the black jaguar's trap. - No, thanks.

Awesome to sleep amidst the jungle, Medina Bank

Three proud brothers

In his enthusiasm Lesbin accompanied us for a distance

The Caribbean Sea at Punta corda, back to Guatemala