The first steps on Guatemalan ground

The boys enjoyed our simple meal we shared with them

Crossing jungle trails at first to reach the migration at all

A poisonous Coral freshly knocked over by a bus - interesting to observe

Matt, where? ;-) or what finger is this at all? :-)

Bethel, easily entering Guatemala

Hard packed gravel roads - recumbents are in advantage on this terrain

North-eastern Guatemala - luckily almost flat

Visit to Tikal...

... in spectacular evening illumination,...

... an impressive ambience and worthwhile visit indeed

Yes, that's where you step down.

Our natural alarm clock, a bat got lost in our hotel room, 4 a.m.

Returning from our detour to Belize...

... Punta Corda to Puerto Barios, Caribbean Sea

Just funny what you get to see everyday

Arrival in Antigua Guatemala - cyclists are always welcome.

By coincidence we meet Matt, a Canadian, whom I had met on tour day no.2 on the Daltan Highway, Alaska

Sidetrip to Lago Atitlan

A typical picture in Central America

Guatemala, unthinkable without its vulcanoes

Climbing Volcano Pacaya

This should indicate the hot air rising...

... I got an other indication :-)

Boarder control: For truck drivers this means waiting for hours.

Crossing to El Salvador