Let's break up towards South California...

... on smooth roads along the yellow lines!

Free as a bird

Impressive colours along the Californian coastline

We introduce our new cycling buddy:


...our companion who will join us...

...all the way down to Argentina.

Sunsetting in Solvang

Watch out for the scorpions!

We introduce Alfie with his sail...

...and fix gear bike (no brakes, fixed for life).

Sealions playing on the beach

Mexican snow plow, a pity that we did not see it taking off.

Should we go on with these?

Our visit at Bamboossero and Calfee - the art of making bikes with bamboo

Reto loved the Calfee trikes.

People are always excited to help us out, thank you.

Great view from the courthouse over Santa Barbara

Relaxed days of rest at Rincon Point with the Stephensons

Kajaking around their beautiful residence

Alfie battling the waves, mostly successful :-)

It's a rough life,...

...everyday is a bit harder than the last :-) ...

...and here is our proof.

Ready to hike the Grand Canyon?

Tourist Reto, 7 a.m, catching the sunrise

Awesome view from the top

It's all downhill.

Supply chain management

Oasis at the bottom of the Canyon

Icy cold but refreshing before climbing back

Workout over the Colorado River

Vegas baby!

There goes the college fund.

Paris in Vegas

Sustainable practices of energy waste non stop

Hmmm, how many more sunsets to come?

We are in Arnie-land...

... and met even Obama.

Welcome to San Diego

F/A 18 on "Midway" - our visit to the retired aircraft carrier

Hitch hiking on a jet engine

Exclusive visit to the operative aircraft carrier "Carl Vinson"

Awesome view from the airstrip with our Navy friends

Probably the first Swiss walking on his hands on "Carl Vinson's" airstrip

Soaking up the ambience

Grab the gold!

Goodbye United States