Tim Hortons, our new discovery in Canada

Too good to save money

Free camping in a beautiful back yard

August 1: We celebrate with Swiss Fondue.

More than 2km long train close to Prince Rupert

Night at ferry terminal before early departure

Scenery Inside Passage between Prince Rupert and Port Hardy

Arrival at Port Hardy, Vancouver Island, late at night

Every day the same effort for nothing :-)

A new breakup into wilderness along Lake Comox on logging roads:

Steady up and down...

...and through deep brush.

Finally sweet berries along the paths as much as you like.

Reto: "Wait, wanna show you how to cross this river" ...


"Thank you I learned a lot." :-)

Let's go on!

Crossing to Bamfield

We found a boat. :-)

Jackstraws la canadien on a grand scale

Enjoying the gravel road - nightmare is over.

Jungle lunch

Great moment at Point No Point: at the left first sight of USA

Smart student selling lemonade along cycling path towards Victoria on Sunday

Relaxed we finally reached Victoria B.C. ...

... with an exciting inner harbour airport.

Happy birthday, Reto!

End of wilderness ...

... we reached civilisation.

Welcome to Vancouver.

We hope this is stable.

Our exclusive city tour on a Russian sidecar trough downtown Vancouver at Saturday night

China town

Salomon fishing at great spot

Four year old Sockeye, 75cm

Bye bye Canada.