Let it roll again!

Tagish Lake in dramatic colour

Got stuck at cold beach in Carcross

Back to Alaska Highway - heading south...

...through hilly area.

Offspring promotion - 4 year old boy had never seen a recumbent in his life before

Romantic night at Morley Lake just at the border of Y.T. and B.C. and ...

...nice morning after

Shit happens.

Day of rest at scenery Good Hope Lake

Hi Hip Hop Bear...

...won't get our food.

Bear Glacier towards Stewart

Scenery approaching to Pacific fjords beside 37A

Working on what you are just looking at

Open air sleeping in Stewart where we observed a 3 minute northern light

Chance to hitch-hike to the Salmon Glacier...

...along scenery creeks.

Spawning salmons...

... and soon a fishing grizzli, 7 a.m., Fish Creek, Hyder Ak

First view of Salmon Glacier

Awesome view from the top

Team for one day: Stefanie, Reto, Leya with Sundance the dog and Chris

Northern end of Salmon Glacier

Impressive ice blocs...

... fading away.

Refreshing bath in uncommon scenery

Leya with excited Sundance

Got hydericed - impressive half ghost town

Stewart by night