The family of Marco Antonio, Yangano 06/28/2011

This friendly family offered us very kindly their backyard to camp and even supplied some vegetable to enrich our simple meal. Thanks so much, we will never forget Ecuador’s hospitality.

Ursula and Peter, the Bernese fellows, Vilcabamba, 06/28/2011

How special to meet you again on the campground in Vilcabamba. I never expected that. We met already along El Salvador’s Coast Highway and were joking about “interkantonal” soccer matches. It makes me smile remembering your sense of humour, Peter, great that you accompanied us for a distance. Next time you jump on for a whole day ;-)

Monika and Alex, our Swiss fellows, Panam-Hw and Vilcabamba, 06/25,28/2011

It is always a special moment when a car slows down to greet in Swiss German, thanks for stopping. Monika and Alex started their trip in Halifax and are driving to the tip of South America too. We expect to see you again. Thanks for coffee and cookies. It was nice to meet you.

Bernhard from Germany, riding Lima – Quito, 06/21/2011

Nice to meet you, Bernhard. You encouraged us with the information about Peru. Indeed, as you predicted, we were sweating a lot through the jungle but the ride was great.
Have a safe ride and hope to hear from you once in Europe.

Libardo and Erica with their family, Cuenca, 06/22-24/2011

Thank you for the nice time you offered us. It was lovely to stay with you and the apartment in the basement of the building was great like a luxury hotel. Libardo, I like your sense of humour and congratulate you to you 22nd birthday, how can you have a daughter of 13? :-)
Erica and Rosita thanks for the great food. When you visit Europe next time you are welcome in my future home.

Our crew to the Amazonas 06/08-12/2011

As I am an Amazonas freak we did a side trip to the huge rainforest. Sandro, our guide, whom I knew from an earlier tour three years ago, took us from Coca down the Rio Napo to Paña Cocha and Yasuní. He is a great guide and we enjoyed the tour together with a Czech couple, Hanna and Martin, as well as with good food done by our cook, Omar. – It was a nice time with you all.

Diego, our guide up to Volcano Cotopaxi, 06/03-04/2011

Diego, mountain guide for eleven years, climbed the Cotopaxi already a hundred times. We, not really being used to this altitude, had a hard time hiking up the 5897m high volcano and had a constant headache. Every step was a big effort. But all in all we had a good time with Diego who cared well for us.

Casa Ciclista, Leonardo with his family, Ambato, 06/17/2011

Thanks for hosting and helping us, Leo, we appreciated your willingness to help Panamerican travellers. We hope that creating a warmshower account for you was helpful to you as well. We wonder how many more guests you will have in future. Keep in touch.

Anibal and Susanna with Sofia, Felipe and Juan-Andres, Quito 05/31-06/15/2011

Thanks so much for hosting us so kindly. We very much appreciated your open house and we relaxed perfectly and made it a base for side trips knowing that our bikes were safe with you. Thanks for taking us all over Quito. I enjoyed our talks a lot, Anibal and Susanna, and had a lot to smile at your remarks, Sofia :-). – Thanks for everything, see you in some years.

Faris Wellington with his family, Cayambe, 05/30/2011

Thanks for hosting us in such an uncomplicated way and offering us shower and meal. We liked to sleep at the back room of the church. It is always a special experience to sleep in uncommon places. Keep in touch.

José and Regula with Samuel, Elian and Noemi, Atuntaqui, 05/26-29/2011

How nice to arrive at your peaceful home. Three years ago I had visited the family on my first tour in South America. Now I felt a little bit nostalgic to come back first time on this tour to a place I had already seen. Thanks so much for the hospitality. We enjoyed the Swiss bread, the great food and the fellowship with you and all the people who go in and out in your home.
Thank you for hosting us and caring in every way. We will always remember the horse ride and the local television interview you, José, organised where we hardly knew what to say.

Bomberos at Tulcan, Ibarra, Machachi and Riobamba 05/25 05/26 06/16 06/18-20/2011

Thanks for your help, trust und open houses. We appreciate every time when you let us stay for a night. – Bomberos are always nice folks, good people, trustworthy and interested in cycling tours.

Oscar, Colombian cyclotraveller, Tulcan 05/24/2011

Oscar, we were amazed when we learned how you are travelling: No money and luggage twice as much as ours, how can you come along? – Oscar is indeed travelling without money and expects to be fed by the local people. He rides his bike from Cali, his home, down to Peru and will cross then to Buenos Aires. We learned how different the vision of a bike tour can be, good luck, hope you won’t starve ;-)