Erin and Alan, cycling the Panamerican Highway on a tandem 05/15-17/2011

This American couple is the only one we met on a tandem. The riders from Wisconsin have started their trip in Inuvik and plan to end up in Ushuaia too. We knew about them but were always riding a little bit behind them until they were held back by a broken hub. We caught them up in Cali at Hernan's CdC. We hope you finally got the packet with the spare part; we are still waiting for ours. :-) Safe ride, see you on the road.

Lorenzo, cycling all over the American continents, Cali, 05/15-17/2011

This man's tour is indeed a level higher than ours: Lorenzo, a Bask, started his tour three years ago in Venezuela. He went all the way down to the South of Argentina and is now cruising up to Alaska. He often chooses desolated gravel roads where hardly anybody else comes along.
Thanks for all the useful advices you have given me! I appreciated the conversation with you a lot. Safe ride!

Hernan and his Casa de Ciclista de Cali 05/15-17/2011

In the last moment, we found out that there was a Casa de Ciclista in Cali where we were welcomed with open arms. We spent two days in Hernan's house with its special cycling ambience and shared experiences with other cyclists, which was very interesting and worthwhile.
Thanks, Hernan, for hosting us. We loved staying with you and we wish you all the best for your enlargement of the CdC.

Bomberos de Armenia 05/13/2011

These Bomberos did not only open the door but they also took care of us in all we needed. For us you are one more example of Colombia’s very nice people. We are impressed, thank you all.

Bomberos de Girardot 05/13/2011

Bomberos and cyclists are a good team. Once again we were perfectly accommodated. Thank you for your trust and open door.

Rodrigo, our "personal guide" in Bogota 05/10/2011

What a privilege to meet the retired boss of the national police. We were amazed and took a lot of profit visiting downtown with its museums together with Rodrigo. Thank you for guiding us, Rodrigo! We enjoyed it very much. Abrazo

Maik, old fox, German touring cyclist, Bogotà 05/09/2011

What a joy to meet Maik! I was informed about his tour from Berlin all the way down to Kenia but it is an extraordinary coincidence to know that he is a friend of John’s and that he now lives now in Bogotà with his family.
We enjoyed a lot listening to your touring stories from Africa and appreciated exchange of experiences for once in German. Thanks for your mental support and thank you for accompanying us on the way out through Bogotà.

Barbara and Mateo, Hosts in Bogotà 05/04-11/2011

Thank you so much to both of you for openeing your house when you saw that the space in the neighbour’s house got too small! We enjoyed staying with you and we especially remember the final evening when you, Mateo, showed us your awesome drawnings. You are a great artist!

Gabi, John and Camilo, hosts and cycling friends from Bogotà 05/04-11/2011

This is already an old friendship: First we met in Oregon. Then we could stay with Gabi and John in Oaxaca where they normally live, and now we’ve just met up again in Bogotà, John's original home town, where we stayed first in their small apartment. They even left us their bed and slept on the ground, wow! Thank you for the great time we had; thanks to you.
Gabi and her friend showed us La Candelaria while John introduced me to the welder and showed me a bike shop and great coffee shops.

Family Osma, hosts in Suarta 05/02/2011

Thanks for opening your backyard and offering us even food at late hour. We are thankful for the trust you put in us and we thank you for the opportunity to camp at your house.

Cycling club "Cycloaventura" from Bucaramanga 04/30/2011

These guys invited us to join their organised ride from Bucaramanga to San Gil. We enjoyed riding with you all and camping in the end on the finca. We were impressed to see how easily all of you were climbing the big hills.

Bomberos de Bucaramanga 04/27-29/2011

What a great welcome these guys offered us: We only had to approach the fire fighters’ building and they already opened the doors. We didn’t even have to ask whether we could enter. Thanks for all the confidence you have in us. We really enjoyed staying with you all for these two days of rest.

Kevin, a local close to Chiriguanà 04/23/2011

When we crossed the huge plain in the North, we found rest in a restaurant where Kevin joined us for interest. When we were about to pay, the young guy invited us wanting to show his big heart for us foreigners. This was touching. Thanks, Kevin. Abrazote