Sailing boat crew and companions from Portobelo to Cartagena 04/11 - 04/16/2011

What a nice bunch of people all these companions on the Seahorse. - Captain James from Denver and his cocaptain Christian from Cartagena did an exellent job all over. I must admit that I got sea sick and wonder how you were able to stear this boat on that rough sea. I can recommend the crew and their sailing boat. James and Christian are lovely guys and do not even lose their good mood if you are vomitting all over :-)
Good companionship, the picturesque San Blas Islands and sharing a lot of stories filled the six day ride which was the alternative way to arrive in South America as there is no road through the Darien jungle nor a ferry between Panama and Colombia.

James is bringing backpackers (and sometimes cyclists) back and forth. You can find him by cellphone or go to the Hostel Mamallena in Panama City where you can find lots of opportunities to jump over the gap.
James' cellphone: 611 333 69
Hostel Mamallena:

Robin, British jazz musicer, Panama City 04/08/2011

I appreciated sharing life with you and wish you all the best on your way. Your music is awesome, Robin, go on!

Chris, from San Diego, riding from Ushuaia to Prudhoe Bay on a motorbike 04/07/2011

We met at the visitation center of the Panama canal at Miraflores. As we both are doing the same trip but started each at the other end, now in half way it was very interesting to hear about the other part of the trip. Chris, I enjoyed walking with you through half of Panama City sharing experiences and drinking more than enough batidos. Thanks for the sandwich, take care.

Michiel and his crew, same plan same goal, Prudhoe Bay - Ushuaia 04/07/2011

We had met already in Granada, Nicaragua, and now twice in Panama. Michiel from Nederlands is riding the Panamerican Highway on his bamboo bike, produced in the manufactury in Santa Cruz we visited in California. You are daring a lot, Michiel, to ride this tour on a bamboo bike. Safe travels!

Nestlé manufactory of Natá 04/05/2011

When the factory boss saw my Swiss flag on the back of the bike he wondered who I was and invited me for a spontaneous visit. Thanks for this opportunity and for all the condensed milk.
I was surprised that you let me enter at all into the sterile building as I was dirty as a cyclist. I enjoyed it.

Police stations of Divisa and Bejuca, hosts 04/05 and 04/06/2011

Police stations are always a nice place to spend nights. You are almost always welcome, don't have to fear anything and have got always a bunch of funny guys around you.
Thanks for offering me even a bed and a shower.

First hosts close to Conception, 04/03/2011

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to camp in your backyard. I enjoyed the meals and the time with you. Thanks for everything.