Costa Rica - Safe ride and easy going in Central America

When I entered Costa Rica I noted a huge contrast to its neighbour in the North, Nicaragua: Obviously there is a lot more welfare in Costa Rica and the security is much better. Riding towards Liberia I felt sometimes like in an American colony and much more so when I arrived in Tamarindo. Accurately a Costa Rica woman told me they were losing their own identity by the many foreigners that settled here. Anyway I appreciated the time I had in Tamarindo with the family Lalonde whom I had already met in Canada and loved very much. Crossing Latin America takes everyday an extra portion of effort as you have to be always alert what’s going on around you. That’s why I felt very comfortable in the Lalonde’s house as I could hang about and relax mentally since I now was in a “North American exclave”.

I was riding alone in Nicaragua and also in Costa Rica where I felt much safer. This experience of being alone which originally I had not planned was beginning to make fun and I enjoyed it. I noticed my interior development: I become more selfconfident, stand-alone and fearless. I am glad I am doing this trip because it is giving me a great chance to develop as a whole and not only physically.

Costa Ricas's nature was rich of animals along the way: I could observe an anteater, many toucans, macaw parrots and several crocodiles. The ride was nice as there were long distances through a kind of rainforest or at least green countryside. Last but not least I met many friendly people who allowed me to sleep on a Finca, at the back of a restaurant, in a holiday area along the Pacific Ocean and in a church. I liked the Costaricenses they are open and lovely and I left the country with good memories.

One thing I won't forget: "Pura vida" is said by everybody and means “plenty of life” and expresses satisfaction. If you once lack the key for wifi internet just try with pura vida ;-)!