BPN Foundation, Swiss enterprisers aiding Nicaraguan enterprises 03/08-09/2011

When your shuttle bus stopped I wondered what was the matter. How surprised and glad  was I when I heard you speak  Swiss German. - Great that we met in Granada again and thanks for inviting me to the bakery's visit. Your work widened my horizon.
BPN supports small enterprises in several states all over the world in financial and educational ways. By this trip they wanted to see the benefits of their work.
I enjoyed very much getting to know all of you even more when I found  out that some of you knew my former boss and others my neighbours in Switzerland, how small is the world.
Thanks for your gift, I had delicious coffee with ice cream :-). I felt very happy seeing you as I have already been abroad for more than nine months.


The fire fighters of Granada, my hosts 03/08/2011

Thank you all to give me a safe place to sleep. I enjoyed the time with you and will always remember your kindness.