Honduras 03/05 – 03/06/2011

Beforehand we had heard a lot about the sullen conditions in Honduras and therefore decided to cross it within two days only:
We are used to hearing occasionally someone yell “gringo”, but as soon as we crossed the borderline to Honduras the voices changed and there were a lot more yellings. We felt neither welcome nor fine but felt rejected being allocated to the species “gringo”.
Once we were stopped by a motorcyclist who thought we were Americans. He talked with us in a bad way as if it was obvious that we were Americans. Assuring him we were not he did not believe it, only after an extended conversation he finally did and changed his manner a bit.
The 140km we rode within some 24 hours gave us an impression of a poor people in a dry countryside.
In addition, there were five police check points in this distance. However we were not asked for money as we had been told by other cyclists.

It happened a lot that the children ran towards the road when they saw us approaching yelling “gringo” and begging for money, food and clothes. In the beginning I was confused about this.

Passing through a dangerous area a motorcyclist saw us and accompanied us because he knew about the people there and wanted to give us protection. This was very kind and left also a good after taste for which we are thankful.