Heinz and Elsbeth, Peter and his wife, Swiss fellow country people driving the Panamerican Highway, 03/03/2011

Thanks for stopping, nice to meet you. In two campers the two couples travel the Panamerican Highway as we do it. Thanks for Chocolate, Banana and water. I enjoyed your “Berner” sense of humour if I can describe it like this :-).


The fire fighters of Zacatecoluca, our hosts, 03/02/2011

Fire fighters are always nice people. A further confirmation here! We were perfectly accommodated and had a funny time. Thank you all.

Ana, host at Playa El Zonte, 03/01/2011

Thank you, Ana, for offering us a room at special conditions. We enjoyed staying at La Casa de Frida as Ana was excited about our tour. She even showed her racing bike to assure that she had the same interest. Thanks Ana for the hospitality.