El Salvador 02/28 – 03/05/2011

Riding Salvador’s coastal highway is quite a welcome change in comparison to other roads of Central America. In many places there are huge trees along the road providing shadow.
During a normal day this is the perfect surrounding for riding when the sun is burning, the temperature is high and the humidity is immense. Normally we made sure that we started to ride in the morning before sunrise to avoid moving during the hot times of the day.

Salvador did not have a lot of tourism in the past decades which makes you as a foreigner in a way special to the people here. Often we were asked how we liked their country and felt mostly welcomed. It is remarkable how many young men talk to you in English and tell you that they had worked in the USA for some time.

Riding through Salvador is great although you are warned to go neither to side roads nor to ride after sunset.
The prices for food are just awesome. E.g. everywhere along the road you can buy the national meal “Pupusa” which is made of beans and cheese in dough with salad and so you can get fed for only two US dollars. We admit during the five days we spent in this country we did not eat much more than Pupusas. We loved them so much.

As Matt, my companion since San Francisco, was about to meet his parents in Costa Rica he went ahead alone so that he would reach them in time. I went on with the other Matt, the Canadian friend.