Lesbin and his brothers, hosts in Medina Bank, 02/19/2011

According to the map we expected Medina Bank to be a little town. Arriving we only found some huts in the jungle. Thank God Lesbin was excited to meet and host us. Well, in places like this the people feel very responsible for your safety and allow you to camp on their site protected by their presence. Lesbin slept beside us in his hammock and had his dog with him. It's touching how people care. Thank you.

Alain, from France, riding the Panamerican Highway on a recumbent too, 02/11/2011

We met Alain East of San Ignacio. I was excited to see another person riding the Panamerican Highway by a recumbent. Indeed he was the first one. Alain started in Montreal and is riding to the tip of South America too. Have a safe journey, would be nice to see you again.