Belize 02/11 – 02/20/2011

Houses on stilts with lovely gardens, black folks and English with a special accent were our first impressions. The ambience totally changes entering this ancient British colony. It is not Latin America anymore.

I enjoyed riding through the countryside encouraged also by the friendly people along the road.

The ambience is a totally different one when you enter Belize City. After we entered by crossing a cemetery we immediately got an impression about the rough manner among the people: An alcoholic man tried to enter a supermarket and got kicked out by a security guard with a kick that dashed him to the ground. The people’s interest in our bikes came over in an aggressive way which made us watch out with precaution.
We were glad to have some days of rest on the island Caye Caulker where we met Isa and Martin again. The impressions since Guadalajara were a lot and we never really “digested” them as my companion Matt wanted to arrive in Costa Rica in the beginning of March.

Southern Belize appeared different. Part of the jungle is still covering wide areas, part of whole valleys are filled with orange plantations from where trucks leave loaded with tons of oranges to be processed to juice. The people here are basically Indian and often speak two to three languages (Spanish, English and an indigenous tongue) and live in simple huts.
As you can see in the gallery we were offered to camp once right beside the black jaguar’s trap and were told that it had eaten all it could find around the house i.e. pigs and chickens. So we objected thankfully.

By a nice boat ride over the Caribbean Sea we finally returned to Guatemala.