Lauren and Lea, cycling and backpacking, Antigua 02/24-27/2011

Nice to meet you both and hanging out in the evenings. Lory wish you best recovery and that you may go on your cycling tour, a helmet would probably not cost too much ;-).

Lorely and Ross, British, riding the Panamerican Highway, 02/21/2011

When we met these lovely British folks Ross was in the unlucky situation of having a broken rim. I noticed that fortunately you got a spare part, great. I don't know if you noticed that when we stayed at the small restaurant beside the road and were drinking the coca cola, the two of you shared one bottle, while Matt and I didnít get enough with four of them.

Julie and Jason, from Canada, riding the Panamerican Highway 02/10/2011

For about three months we have not met any other cycling travellers when suddenly Julie and Jason, a nice couple, showed up between Flores and Tikal. They started in Whitehorse where they lived last and go for the same goal as we do. Nice to meet you, hope to see you again.