Pedro, the Chiapas' governor's right-hand, caring for our best after our rescue from Agua Azul 02/04-06/2011

Pedro, the Chiapas' governor's right-hand, caring for our best after our rescue from Agua Azul 02/04-06/2011
Pedro provided for us like we were his children. Food and presents at the arrival in Tuxtla, accommodations in a five-star hotel, a tour to the nearby canyon, and a flight from and back to Palenque.
Thanks, Pedro, to care for us like this. We enjoyed the time with you.

Catalina and Josefina, las Argentinas, our companions in Agua Azul 02/02-06/2011

Chicas, how good it was that we did not get stuck alone, but with you two. It was a lot of fun to spend these extraordinary days with you.
José, it was cute to see how scared you were to enter the helicopter, not to mention the stories with your ID-cards or the pizza you ordered although nobody was hungry. There was a lot to laugh for me having you around and I enjoyed it. Good to see you again in Buenos Aires, and don't forget, the next trip you do by bike ;-).

Dieter, our German companion who got stuck in Agua Azul also 02/04-06/2011

Dieter, I will always remember how you told me after the first night in the five star hotel that you would have preferred to sleep in your van.
I liked your access to the nature and simple lifestyle in Mexico. Your self-roasted coffee was great.
Thanks for the new kickstand and beater stick you made for me.

"La Casa de la Francesa," best camping spot at Oxchuc, between San Cristobal and Ocosingo 02/01/2011

We were looking for a spot to sleep in this rather poor area and did not find moderate accommodations. We were very happy when we found this kind of organic farm with a restaurant. It was like a little paradise right at the river. This was a safe and quiet place to camp and share life with other tourists and locals who commonly gathered there.
Thanks so much to offer us this spot and the food, we liked your company.

Isai and his family, offering us a camping location at a late hour, Chiapa de Corzo 01/27/2011

Thanks a lot for opening your door and offering us camping in a closed area. It was so nice how you even provided food and drink, thanks, we will always remember you and your wonderful family.

Pedro and his family, at San Pedro, backyard camping under mango trees 01/25/2011

Pedro and his family offered us their back yard to camp, direct under the mango trees and even a shower. No wonder we ate 27 mangos that evening. Thanks for hosting us that night.

Gabriela and John with relatives Juan Camilo and James, hosts and recumbent builders in Oaxaca 01/18-21/2011

Reto and I met them first while they were riding the west coast of the United States with recumbents at Newport, Oregon. Thanks for inviting us to your home. We enjoyed it very much. We appreciate your open hearts especially since you could understand how a tired cyclist feels. We inhabited a bungalow in their backyard and had the pleasure of their nine dogs around us :-), each very original.
John, we were amazed by the recumbents you built; great job ;-).

The police of Noxistlan 01/17/2011

As cyclists you gain courage daily; a day’s ride North of Oaxaca, we asked the police if they would know a safe place to sleep for us.
After a discussion they offered us the jail's court yard where we could sleep free with complete safety. Thanks buddies.

Armando and Kevin, cycling friends from Tamazulapam 01/16/2011

On Sunday Armando caught up with us at Mexico's highway 190. After a small talk about my recumbent and our tour he invited us to come for dinner when we reached his village. With a huge effort we hit the goal and were treated extraordinarily. Armando even provided us with a hotel room! Thanks so much! He then introduced us to his cycling buddy, Kevin, a baker, with whom we had a wonderful dinner. Thanks Kevin for all the fresh bread, we really enjoyed it. Your bread makes fantastic cycling food.
Thanks to you, you completed a tough day for us with great hospitality that we appreciated tremendously. For this we are totally grateful.

Jesus and his family, hosts in Izucar de Matamoros 01/13-15/2011

Talking to people at the zocalo to find a cheap hotel, Jesus offered us his home where we spent a day of rest. His wife served us with tacos while Jesus Jr. entertained us. The sweet boy thought first we would live in his home forever and became very concerned that he would have to share his home. When his parents explained to him that the two strangers did not have a house he felt charity and offered us to stay for five days. Thank you all.

José and his family, hosts close to Cuernavaca 01/11/2011

Shooting down to Cuernavaca Matt's brakes got too hot and this forced us to stop at a very uncommon location where suddenly a door opened and a man was waiting.
We were both surprised, me that the door opened in front of my nose, and he that two strange heavy loaded cyclists stood at the gate. Quickly we entered the gate, where we received a horizon-amplifying teaching about the Mayan Culture and about the time in which we are living, concerning the worldwide destruction of climate and environment.
José is writer of the novel, El Sexto Sol, and talks about this topic thrillingly. Even though we did not agree with all he had to say, we liked him a lot. Thanks for all your support.

Marco, Anita with Marco and Daniel, hosts in Ocoyacac 01/10/2011

When we asked at a restaurant for a location to sleep, Marco, the manager, invited us without hesitation and with a wide heart to his home where we were perfectly accommodated and provided for by his family.
At that late hour we would never have expected such a great location to be welcomed. You gave us great joy, thank you all.

Jonathan, host at the Paso lengua de vaca 01/09/2011

Arriving close to sunset at the pass between Michoacan and Mexico we asked this young man if he would know of a place for us to sleep. Immediately he offered us his horse barn and even brought us dinner. We spent a cold, but secure night with the animals.

Carmen and her husband with Joel, hosts in Huaniqueo, Michoacan 01/05/2011

When we were looking for an opportunity to camp, the majority of the people we encountered were very scared and kept a distance from us. At first we did not understand the reason for this.
This lovely family offered us a big room after searching for some time. We were extraordinarily thankful for this hospitality that eerie night in Michoacan.

Beatrice and Ruben, Julieta and Alberto with Ivan and Daniel. A family from Ocotlan, Jalisco 01/02/2011

It was very nice the way we were welcomed by this group, even with dinner, when we asked to camp in their closed yard. Soon after meeting them, we found ourselves in an animated conversation that even continued on during the following morning's breakfast. Thanks for all the hospitality.

Eric, host in our holidays at the Pacific Ocean 12/28-30/2010

Eric, an American lawyer, offered Donna, Ernesto and me his holiday house at San Pancho built in the jungle. Eric is writing his memoirs, stories he experiences as a lawyer working in a worldwide politician field. It was thrilling to hear about the stories where you met Mandela, Castro, Kim Jong Il as well as to get in touch with your view of these persons I had known about through news and other conversation. Thanks, Eric, for all, especially for the delicious pizzas.

Donna and Ernesto, my friends from Guadalajara 12/21/2010 - 01/01/2011

Since I waited for Matt and my new crewmembers over Christmas for two weeks I had the opportunity to spend time with Donna and Ernesto, a lovely couple. Thanks for picking me up and introducing me wherever we went like a brother. We had funny times at Ernesto's house, at the three Christmas celebrations, and in the end we even spent some days at the Pacific Ocean at San Pancho. I felt very well with you and enjoyed sharing life with you two. Thanks for all of your trust and your open hearts. Abrazo my friends ;-)

Christmas celebration No.3, the Zaragoza Diaz family, Guadalajara 12/24/2010

There was even enough time to join a third party on Christmas. Donna's family welcomed me as well. Again, this was a pleasure to observe. Thank you for the perfume you gave me, hope this does not have an additional meaning :-).

Christmas celebration No.2, the Villaseñor family, Guadalajara 12/24/2010

With good timing on the same evening, my hosts went on to the reunion of the Villaseñores, a wild party in comparison with a large portion of young influence. No wonder I got a white shower after hitting the piñata a girl filled with flower. Thank you, I was freshly showered before ;-).
It was a lot of fun to observe how you organize the time of the gifts. I liked your welcoming atmosphere and appreciated to talk with so many different people. Thanks for the scarf and that I might be part of the Villaseñor family. A big hug to you all.

Christmas celebration No.1, the Camarena family, Guadalajara 12/24/2010

I had the privilege to join this family party in the very center of Guadalajara, a decent community with lovely people. Thanks for having me as part of your Christmas evening.

Bernardo and Izhak, inventor of the Casa Ciclista 12/09/2010 - 01/02/2011

These two guys helped us perfectly in the Casa Ciclista with all a cyclist requires after half a year of traveling. Thanks to you both for the help and the common Mexican expressions you taught us, pinches ;-) It was fun to observe your funny kidding around with each other. We liked you both very much.

Casa Ciclista with the lovely folks, the perfect surrounding in Guadalajara 12/09/2010-01/01/2011

Thanks so much to all of you, people of the Casa Cyclista. You offered us the perfect opportunity to make necessary services on our bikes as well as for Reto to disassemble his bike. Your organisation is the perfect realisation of a great idea. The Casa Cyclista is open for every cyclist cruising through Mexico, it has got a workshop with tools, a kitchen, an office and a place to sleep. Thank you all that we could stay here and use it all for free.
We enjoyed the time with the staff. Everyone of them is an original. In the Casa there were always people going in and out. We were never bored.

Jorge, Berta, Ernesto and Donna "our extended family" in Guadalajara 12/09/2010-01/01/2011

We were welcomed in a very lovely way in Guadalajara, the end of the tour for Reto. Jorge and Berta, whose extended family Matt has known from his home, made sure that we could dwell in the Casa Cyclista and opened us the door to meet many interesting people.
We enjoyed to share life and to get to know their family. With Ernesto we explored the city and were even invited by his girlfriend's father to go out for dinner. He was excited about our tour and we liked him a lot.
Thanks for all your help, dinner and coffee.
I am looking forward to spending Christmas with you and staying for some days with you, thank you.

John, riding from Alaska to Panama 11/29/2010

We met John first in San Francisco, then again in Zacatecas, where we had more time to talk about our similar tours. John, from London, rides his bike alone from Prudhoe Bay to Panama. John, it would be nice to meet again, let's keep in touch.

Bruno, Swiss solo cyclist, Jolanda and Marco, our Swiss fellow countrymen visiting the American continents at the same time 11/18-11/19/2010

All of us caught the same ferry ride from La Paz to Mazatlan. Jolanda and Marco, from the Kanton Luzern, are discovering the continents by landrover.

Bruno, a tough cyclist from Winterthur, rides his bike from L.A. to Ushuaia where he even plans to arrive in Winter. Good luck, Bruno, we (softies) prefer arriving in Summer ;-).

Manuel, the nightwatch on the beach "El Tecolote" 11/15-11/18/2010

We shared three days with Manuel at the beach Miguel provided. Mexican Restaurants at the beach are used to having a night watch that "works" 24 hours. Manuel said that the life he is living at Tecolote is like paradise. He enjoys the silence and has been doing this job already for six years. We liked Manuel's calm manner and the love for his dogs.

Miguel, Yolanda and Genaro, our couchsurfing hosts in La Paz 11/14-11/18/2010

After the ride through all the Baja Miguel helped us perfectly with all the work that became necessary. Miguel, it was great how you provided a place to relax right on the beach for us. It was the perfect location to calm down. Miguel even was so excited ;-) that he flipped the track while returning home alone. Best recovering.
Thanks for the time you gave us to organise all and thank you, Yolanda and Genaro, for all the good food you offered us.

Nicole and Marco, our Swiss fellow "countrycouple" exploring the continent by custom made Iveco 11/05, 11/29, 12/13/2010

With Marco and Nicole we share a special connection: Wherever one group goes the chance is high that the other one shows up too. Like this Reto and I saw them first climbing the White Pass in Canada; four months later the same Swiss car passed us in the Baja where we had our first talk.
Again by coincidence we both arrived at the same time in Zacatecas and were even more surprised to meet when we visited the museum of antropology in Mexico City.
Nicole and Marco, it was always interesting hearing about your experiences as well as getting to know you. Thanks for the great picture you shot of us, Marco. Looking forward to meeting you again in Costa Rica.

Luiz, he gave us the opportunity to camp on his farm south of Mulegé 10/23-10/28/2010

Luiz saw us first on the road where he did a part time construction job. By coincidence we stopped in the evening at his restaurant with a farm at the back. He invited us immediately to camp on the ground where we rested a night and got woken up by all kinds of animals yelling in the morning.
It was a nice experience since a lot of locals gathered at the restaurant in the small oasis. Luiz, we liked your warm-hearted manner. Thanks for offering us the special camp spot.

The Movel guys from USA, travelling by biological power 11/06/2010

These guys we met in Guerrero Negro never go to a gas station: Their Diesel engine runs with old oil from restaurants. The barrels you see on their trailer are all full of it. They use a filter to purify the oil before it enters the motor. We have heard about this idea before, so it was even more  special to see it.

Alejandro, Mirella, Jesica and their family, our lovely hosts in Tijuana 10/23-10/28/2010

Although Tijuana is said to be dangerous and a lot of tourists skip it, we enjoyed a funny time throughout all the town. Alejandro taught us about real Mexican live, history and local Spanish expressions. We liked his humor and enjoyed to share life.
Mirella provided good food and all we needed, thank you. We were even allowed to use their pickup and well surprised by their wide hearts. Thanks for giving us the perfect welcome to Mexico.