Idoia and Nacho, Spanish couple cycling to Tierra del Fuego, 07/08-07/10/2010

It was so nice spending some special days in Jim’s house together with you. Wishing you all the best for the long way and hoping to meet you again.

Jim, our temporary walking lexicon, 07/07-07/10/2010

Jim, you surprised us with your direct manner and made us laugh with your funny way of teaching. You’re a great teacher and personal tourist guide. Thank you a lot for your trust in us, for your open door especially the one to your fridge, hope we didn’t drink too much beer :-).

Gabi and Stefan, trustworthy faces in an unknown surrounding, 07/06/2010

We admit you won the down hill race but we were quite fast, weren’t we? ;-) Thanks for waiting and inviting us into your warm camper. We enjoyed the time with you and say thank you.

Family Hediger, Swiss Emigrants, 07/24/2010

Nice coincidence! You surprised us a lot hearing Swiss German out in the Alaskan forests.

Janet and Robert, our first and great hosts in the woods of Fairbanks, 6/20 -23

Thank you a thousand for hosting us like kings. We are amazed of your hospitality:  So much of food nonstop, uncomplicated and trustworthy personalities, a log home in the nature with an impressive view over Alaska’s endless woods.

Stan, Janet and Marc from Blackfoot, Idaho, 6/20

Thank you for catching us and bringing as kindly back to Fairbanks.

Matthieu, Quebecois driving around the world, 6/19-20

Matthieu, we liked your funny attitude, enjoyed our visit to Denali N.P. and spending some time with you. – We hope you finally found the magic bus from “Into the Wild.”

Floyd, wilderness expert, 6/16-17

Great was the chance to meet you. We are still amazed with your kindness giving us an impression of your daily activities: Mining gold, driving ATV out to the endless woods, shooting the gun if necessary :-), drinking a beer in your wood stove trailer.

Jay and John, urgent help out in the sticks, 6/16

Our food was just running out when you stopped and opened the doors of your mobile food cache. Thank you, the generous amount of trail mix lasted to Fairbanks.
Jay’s Blog:

Chris, the trucker, 6/13

Chris could even drive the Dalton Highway with his eyes closed by night. :-)
Thank you for leaving your groceries with us and give us the opportunity to see your truck from inside.

Rita and Horst, Bayern meets Alaska, 6/9

Great was our encounter out in the sticks, thank you for having fed us like Papa and Mama and having filled our bags with new food supplies. Excellent was your German Bread.

Matt and Kail, first cyclists on the Dalton Highway, same idea, same goal – Tierra del Fuego, 6/7

Pleased to meet you in midnight sun in the North Slope. Matt, amusant to hear that you left your rusty car for a hundred bugs in Deadhorse. Kail, wish you best recovery from your accident.

Caitlyn, Nicole and Vitek, the wildlife biologists, 6/3-5

You were a ray of sunshine at the end of the world, up in Prudhoe Bay.

Bill and Ingo, the helicopter crew, 6/3-5

We were fascinated by your helicopter and your kindness showing us your airbase.- Thank you for visiting by helicopter in Coldfoot again and leaving us your food supplies.

Bob from Alaska Airlines, 6/3

Bob, thank you for your precious advise about how to handle life in Alaska. By the way, Bob, you are a great narrator: We were captivated by your rob stories about Prudhoe Bay.