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ike storm from El Calafate

Thursday, 22-03-12 15:27

hey there!
Good running into you outside El Calafate yesterday. Thanks so much for the info about lago O'Higgins. Contacted El Mosco and should be no problem for my timeline. Good luck with the end of your trip!



Geertrud and Dirk van Miert from Holland

Wednesday, 21-03-12 20:45

Hi Cristoph,

It's been a while since we (very briefly) met each other, in National park Isluga, near Salar de Suirire in Northern Chile (the dutch couple in the big red camioneta) We met you and your co-rider at the end of the day, for us the first and only tourists we met that day. Although it was a very brief encounter, we still feel inspired by 'el gran viaje' you're undertaking. Once in a while we check your website, to let us inspire by your story and pictures. A lot of areas you're travelling through, we also passed, so seeing your website brings back many happy memories of the astonishing beauty of chilean and argentinian nature, as well as the mate :-)
Keep enjoying your trip as long as you can (although we wanted to go home in the end-we're since 2 months back home-we now and then miss the beauty of traveling).

All the best! Adios!
Geertrud and Dirk


stefan müller

Sunday, 04-03-12 16:58

hey chris, wie läuft s im süden ?
wie lange brauchst noch bis ushuaia ??? warte auf deinen eintrag ! :)

gruess stefan


paul martin from Vancouver, BC

Saturday, 03-03-12 09:49


Have really enjoyed following the news and photos of your trip since you left. Not sure exactly where you are at this moment ( March 2nd) but if you are going through Gobernador Gorales on Ruta 40, try to find Peter, un gran amigo canadiense who is staying in town for the next few weeks to recover from a motorcycle wipe-out. Un abrazo, Paul


Matthew Gorzlancyk from Villa Manihuales

Monday, 20-02-12 15:40

Hey dude! It was great riding with you since Santiago. Tons of laughs and some great riding. I think I will always be afraid of 'mariscos' now, and am now looking to pursue a career in 'cow surfing'. I hope that has nothing to do with Hanta...

Have a great ride down to Ushuaia. I think I'll be seeing you in Europe very, very soon.

Later buddy! Watch out for camping spots by the ocean, those waves can get unbearably loud!