Entering the Province of Tierra del Fuego...

...is leading me to the last 300km.

There are not few reminder signals for the Falkland Islands (Malvinas).

Furthermore, the war took place exactly 30 years ago.

The Southern part of the island is covered by forests

Visit to the bakery "La Union," Tolhuin, Casa de Ciclista, a must! - Cyclists don't have to pay.

The goal at hand

Climbing the last pass

April is late to finish up...

... further down I couldn’t continue my ride due to the heavy snowfall.

Nice local people along the road offered me a warm place to sleep, thank you!

The last day:

What a beauty!

The perfect day to finish up:

Entering Ushuaia

It is a moving moment to arrive here.

It is overwhelming…


... joy...

... and satisfaction

Since Alaska I have ridden some 33'000km in 22months through 16 countries.

From the Arctic Sea to the Beagle Channel of Antarctic Sea...

... to "the end of the world."

Buenos Aires is calling.

What do I still need and what will I throw away?

The brave and faithful bike...

... has to be taken apart...

... and disappears for a while in a cache.

Mission accomplished, survived and still sane ;-) except for the brain some wicked tongues say.

Everybody is waiting.

11 April, back to Buenos Aires:

Awesome, thanks Cata for picking me up!

Buenos Aires, ...

... a little shock, within hours from pure nature back to a huge rushing city.

Breaking up to a ride with Cata's father Jorge:

He renovated the Chevrolet, year 1929.

Of course we enjoyed it both.

Jose, what a spectacular plan you made for me that I should not get lost. ;-)

A visit to old tombs:

The guard took me even down to 29 corpses in the catacombs.

A great time is coming to an end, I am thankful, pleased and happy I was able to make it.