Sorry, I am entering your great country with your rival's football shirt.

It seems that the answer came immediately:

What conditions...

... no more than a path to push.

I hardly advanced on the old smuggling path, the only way there was.

Worse and worse

How will that end?

It was a fight...

... for some hours.

At least the bike was washed in the end.

Albert Sans, one of the suffering companions :-) Have a look at the Albert-Sans-gallery!

Finally Laguna del Desierto is showing up.

Towards El Chalten, wilderness pure.

A special moment: Passing Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre

I couldn’t hike closer as I had twisted my right ankle behind the tent. :-(

Back to RN 40, heading South.

My pizza oven in the pampa: Pizza over stones in boiling water; making use of the condensation enthalpy.

Lago Viedma... sunset...

...some unforgettable minutes

Approaching Lago Argentino with El Calafate at the back

Sidetrip to Glacier Perito Moreno; I would have parked on it if possible. :-)

I camped in Glacier NP and heard the breaking iceblocks all night falling into the water.

Perito Moreno comes down from the Great Southern Icefields towards Chile.

The distance from one side tip to the other is 5 km.

The ice walls are 50-60m high from water level.

Looking back to the mountain chain from RN 40 pass El Calafate.

Often I could observe an Armadillo in the pampa.

What a horrible death.

A condor taking off.

Although the pampa can be boring to ride it has got its own treasures.

Condor parade

Lonely moments in the wide pampa

I had to push for many km as the side wind threw me off the bike.

Sleeping in a "Puesto fijo" a wind shelter for the night. (Go on: Gallery 6, Chile)