View of Santiago - New year 2012

Streetlife in Santiago

Historical Center

In best companionship - the Dutch guys founded a home for all cyclists...

... asado: a must!

Another service on my bike:

Finally I found the fitting brake to replace the broken one.

Back on the road with my old buddy from Wisconsin: Matthew

He just got a new spoon for free.

We are having a good time together, we have known each other like brothers since our last ride together a year ago.

Along the Ruta 5, some 800km almost straight.

The music plays more beside the road: Immense cargo.

Come come!

A life alongside the freeway

Along the freeway it's easy to find some good spots to sleep:

Matthew can teach you how to live like a vagabond:

I was amazed with how little he is satisfied since we separated in El Salvador February 2011.

Ever slept in a greenhouse?

Finally off the freeway...

... approaching Chile's lake district:

Volcano Villarrica ...

... with Lake Villarrica

The best campspots cost an effort:

I felt like braking a ton...

...but it was worthwhile:

The time of cooking on fire is back.

The two local guys were freaking out for pleasure to accompany us for a distance.

National Park Villarrica towards the border

The unique trees:

Have a closer look at the araucaria tree.

Volcano Lanín

Border crossing Passo Mamuil Malal to Argentina