Reaching the border - every time a great moment

Riding through Tulcan with Oscar the Colombian

Goodbye Colombia

Valley Chota - the highway is used for different purposes

Climbing to Ibarra ...

... and a glimpse back

Atuntaqui - our first TV interview (I hardly knew what to say :-))

I know I fit better on a bike

Some don't mind to be caught on a photo …

... others do

Where is the ball? ...

... and where is the man? :-)

Quito ...

... a city with beauty

The view from Pichinche ...

... a sea of lights

Climbing volcano Cotopaxi: 1 - 7 a.m.

Through nice ice fields

Done - at the top with our guide, Diego

The crater and Chimborazo in the back

Descending - Antizana, the neighbour volcano

Side trip to the Amazonas - Rio Napo

A time to relax our legs

Camping on a sand bank under an awesome sky...

… with a unique sun set over the rain forest

National Parc Yasuní

I am and always will be an Amazonas freak for life:

That's one of the reasons.

The other side of the Ecuadorian jungle:

Oil drilling and destruction of the rainforest

On a house wall, the other view of the things

We hope there is no anaconda. :-)

Omar opening a Cacao:

The pulp is sweet.

Would you like to grow up in one of these nests?

Green parrots eating soil

The funny monkies

A boa - the drawing on the skin, always a beauty

I like the baby, it is so smooth.

Heavy traffic in miniature

Black widow - you can find them at night

A tiny cayman; in ten years it won't be a pet anymore.

Piraña fishing, I was rather feeding them :-)

Back to the road - Stefan, the stowaway

Chimborazo, 6310m

How great to ride here.

One of the many breaks...

... with a spectacular view to Alausí.

Ecuador - one mountain after the other

Ecuador - good and cheap food (each plate 1.80$)

Pig roasted by blowpipe - Would you still eat that? :-)

Old school farming

A special way of transportation

Swiss encounter in Vilcabamba

Break up on a remoted road to Peru:

A steady up and down

Riding through the cloud forest

The gravel road along the hill

The special character of the cloud forest

Relaxing in one of the few isolated villages

That's how small rivers are being crossed

Jungle bridge

If you slide on this you fall down 5m.

The tough gravel ride was totally worthwhile to be chosen.

Coffee berries are dried first...

... and the beans afterwards.

Jungle soccer - the goals are made of palm tree stems.

What a lovely house - the typical style is often preserved.

Sleeping in a school - thank you.

The illumination...

... and the clouds in the early mornings

The strong sun during the hot and wet day...

... requires breaks in the shade.

After every climb follows the reward:

Tired but satisfied - that's one impression I expected of riding the "Panamerican Highway".

Ecuador is just awesome.

Count the legs!

Leaving Ecuador by the calmest border cross, (btw. read the police verses over the window!)