Ferry ride across the Gulf of California

First sight of Mexico's mainland: Mazatlan

Green Sinaloa: What a difference in comparison to Baja California.

Climbing the Sierra Madre Occidental, ...

... some of the nicest days since the tour's beginning

Gigantic road construction throughout Mexico

The funny small talks along the road with the locals

The northern Tropic of Cancer

We still lack a lot of climbing :-).

Towards Durango the jungle changed to pine forest.

The deserved view from the highest spots:

The deep valleys ...

... and the never ending rows of awesome mountains.

Smart road construction at the top: Maintain the altitude!

We loved the Sierra Madre Occidental, ...

... enjoyed every possible view ...

... and could never get enough ...

... of the wild nature.

Spectacular illumination in the evening

The joy of the small things

Although sleeping in a hotel the temperatures dropped strongly.

The morning after we were surprised: The first day below zero.

His desire: To meet once a cyclist travelling from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. We fulfilled it with joy.

Sheaves like in the 20ies in Switzerland

Finally we reached the eastern slope with Durango in the background.

Durango, the first of several Spanish Colonial towns we visited.


Aguascalientes with a reminder of 200 years of independence

Guanajuato, one of the places where the movement for independence started:

Here hung Hidalgo's head, one of the initiators, for over a year. (1811-1812)

The wide roads through ...

... the dry heart of Mexico; ...

... and the little space ...

... in the hotel rooms.

He carries probably more than we - "green transport"

One time more: 5 guys, 12 -15 years young, driving a car. - Nobody cares.

A bridge out in the sticks: Maņana we would always say.

Workers along the road are always excited, they wave, yell and encourage.

Modern tortilla production

The small ...

... and the big surprises - Birds like an UFO

The police liked us and allowed us to ride...

...on the freeways, the fastest and best roads through Mexico.

Toll stations we had to skip, bikes don't cost since they should not apppear :-).

Matt's daily humor

First big celebration: 10'000km in 6 months.

Our arrival in Guadalajara with the great folks of the Casa Ciclista, our temporal home.

Visit to the 20 million person metropolis by bus: Mexico City

Eco Bici: a way to reduce cars and improve air quality

The ruins of Tecnochtitlan, the Aztecs capital, that was conquered in 1512.

We had to watch him for some minutes :-).

Our sidetrip to Teotihuacan, Mexico's largest pyramids

Gigantic constructions ...

... and steep stairs to walk.

Box for the bike: Reto prepares to go back home to cold Switzerland.

Good bye Reto