3 June 2010 - Arrival at Deadhorse Airport, Prudhoe Bay

Warm welcome in Prudhoe Bay: We arrived half an hour before...

...but later we armed ourselves.

Nothing forgotten?

As real patriots it was important to make our flag a square :-)

5 June 2010, Prudhoe Bay Hotel- adventure begins.

First goal about 800km distant

Loose gravel - Christoph's nightmare

Blue sky - quite rare in North Slope - we were lucky.

Rey, called by Americans, in a good mood

Tundra as far as the eye can see.

Summer? - In Alaska, yes.

First night outdoor, 2 a.m. at midnight sun.

Riding by night.

Riding by day.

Catch sight of a wolf!

Lovely caribou beside the Dalton Highway

Finally first musk ox, Christoph's favourites.

Small but nice.

Small truck leaving dusty cloud.

Big truck, find me on the right!

Oversized truck, crossing at Atigun Pass.

Every hour a break

Nice morning north of Brooks Range

Don't bother - Let me sleep!!!

One of Alaska's large icy rivers

Time and silence to reflect on life

Finally first flowers...

... second...

... and excited Chris in flora :-)

Thunderstorm ahead.

Alyeska Pipeline, companion for 800km...

...rusty but impressive.

Finally we reached Atigun pass - pay attention, loose gravel!

Cycling under midnight sun south of Brooks Range - pure fairyland.

Essential water purification - drink a lot!

Got some excellent Canadian German bread...

... needed to protect food from animals, especially bears.

We were amazed, what an example for Switzerland.

You won't believe how heavy this is, lucky not to be a caribou.

Easy rider going on towards...

... the Arctic Circle.

Repetitive hilly woods without horizon...

... and muddy road - hard to pedal...

... need a long break and a Red bull to get going.

Our Cowboy Reto with Floyd's Smith & Wesson...

... and his ATV.

Chris would prefer to continue by ATV than by bike :-)

Floyd, is this gold?

Side trip to Denali N.P.

The friendship gets stronger.

Matthew and Reto figuring out Mount McKinley.

Lost our trail, walking through thick brush

Matthew, don't touch, only look! :-)

Hope you enjoyed first part of Alaska.