Bomberos, Ilo, 10/13/2011

Thanks for your hospitality at late hour.

Bruno and Irina, our super nice hosts in Arequipa, 10/07-12/2011

Thank you both so much, you gave us an absolutely amazing time in Arequipa. We enjoyed our stay in your house thoroughly. Bruno, whom I found in, cycled a year ago from China to India. His journeys are very inspiring and his daily report book very funny as you can see in the pictures.
Thanks, Bruno, for helping me in all the bike support I needed. I really appreciate what you did for me! Irina, your paintings are great.

A project I want to support: Indigenous Hostals on Peninsula Capachica, Lake Titicaca

The following two hostels we visited  I recommend  to cyclists and people who want to visit the lake without going to the touristic Puno. The peninsula Capachica is still totally untouristic and in indigenous hands. The people are nice and all over the peninsula we felt safe. As the indigenous people on the peninsula are rather poor and don't profit of the nearby tourism in Puno I am excited about their courage to start hostels with foreign support.

Asociación Turística Rural "Munay Suyo", Escallani:
A hostel with perfect view over the lake, a quiet and safe place to relax in nice bungalows. - ogdpuno(at)

Asosación de Turismo "Q'ocha Tika", Chifron
A hostel directly on the lakeshore and the harbour to Puno, another quiet and safe spot on the beautiful peninsula worthwhile to choose to enjoy the lake. The hostel has even got internet.

Jungle tour crew: Heather, Stewart and the guides, Puerto Maldonado, 09/21-25/2011

Dimitri and I enjoyed the tour as we could enter deep into the jungle. Unfortunately we could not make out  very well what the guide wanted us to do because he changed his instructions about once an hour. Stewart never lost fun and humour though as you can see on a picture: One time waiting for the guide he played boccia with big lemons, and if you ask him why he will not be able to fly home at the planned time he will explain that he lost his wings. (ask for Abel)

Judit and Cèsar, Spanish Cyclists, near Pto Maldonado, 09/20/2010

The only cyclists we met in the jungle; the others seem to keep going in the mountains. Good to meet you.

Delphine and Ezechiel, French Couple, Cusco, 09/10-15/2010

Nice to meet you and to share experiences. Thanks for all the maps I could take photos of :-). Keep in touch, I wonder how your journey will go on.

Elisabeth and Rupert, German motorcyclists, Cusco, 09/15/2011

Nice to share some hours with you and btw thanks for the shaver you lent me, I needed it badly.

Dimitri, French trike cyclist, Cusco, 09/10/2011

Dimitri, French trike cyclist, Cusco, 09/10/2011
I met Dimitri at the Hostal Estrellita in Cusco. He is the first cyclist I met riding on a trike. When we realized that we both had planned to take the same route and saw that we got on so well with each other, we decided  to travel together for a certain distance. Together we enjoyed the coffee shops and the juice places of Cusco. Dimitri started his tour in Quito and will end it in Ushuaia too. Great we met, Dimitri, I enjoyed the challenge to rediscover my French :-).

Pau and Gaelle, French- Spanish couple riding all over the world, Cusco, 09/10/2011

The couple has already ridden in several parts of the world. We met them first in Cusco, Hostal Estrellita, then again near Arequipa where we went the opposite direction. Nice to meet you; safe ride. You inspired me for more.

Hostal Estrellita, almost a Casa Ciclista, Cusco, 09/04-14/2011

This hostel has developped over the last years very much into a Casa Ciclista. The three owners are very kind and when I arrived I felt like coming home, as I met a whole familiy of cyclists whom I had already met up in the North. I enjoyed my stay here and can fully recommend it.

Kathia and Felix, Swiss Cyclists, Anta, 09/04/2011

It is always a special moment to meet some other Swiss far away from home. I appreciated you both showing up along the road. - They started their tour in the East of Brasil and came up here by making a big loop down to Argentina first. - Wish you a happy and safe trip.

Raphael and Frank, French-German couple, Curahuasi, 09/03/2011

Thanks for the map and the advice you gave me. It really helped me. - This couple is riding from  Patagonia northwards.- Have a safe trip!.

Romel and his friends, host in Ayacucho, 08/24+ 09/04/2011

Romel, you are a phenomenom. - He knows all Ayacucho and everybody likes him. I had the favor of meeting him in the center when I arrived and he invited me to stay in his apartment although he had to leave for Cusco. What a coincidence: there we met a second time. - Thanks so much, my buddy, for your trust. I was so happy you offered me your place.

Swinde, German cyclist, South of Izcuchaca, 08/23/2011

Swinde, I was amazed to hear about your journey. - Swinde, a 23 year old German policewoman, is travelling basically alone from Ushuaia to Alaska. I think this is very courageous. - You will reach the goal. Nice to have met you.

Isa and Philipp, Swiss fellow cyclists, Izcuchaca, 08/22/2011

My fellow countrymen, you impressed me very much, congratulations to your success. - The two gave me some insiders' tips about roads of which I did not even know they existed. - You encouraged me a lot and my motivation became even bigger during the time we were sharing our experiences. Good to have met you and have happy journey up to Colombia.

Police station, La Oroya, Mayoc and Chinchero, 08/20,24,31/2011

Once again I experienced the hospitality of the local police who let me sleep in their stations three times . Thanks so much for your trust and the open door.

Cebero, el Chasqui Peruano, Pucallpa, 08/09-14/2011

When I entered Pucallpa alone suddenly a motorcyclist followed me and started to take pictures of me riding. When we stopped and started to talk and went for a drink it turned out that the guy had ridden his bike all over Peru ten years ago too.
I was so happy that we met, Cebero. We spent some days together and I could leave all of my equipment in your house while I went out to Contamana. I enjoyed the time with you so much, Cebero, I will never forget you.

Bomberos, Huanuco, 08/01-05/2011

I spent some days here twice, before and after the loop to Pucallpa. It was a funny time with you all and I am really thankful you hosted me so kindly. I could relax and work without being disturbed.

Judit's Family, host in Huallanca, 07/29/2011

Unfortunately it was just the 28th of July, Peru's independence day, when we arrived at Huallanca and the whole town was booked out. We are so grateful that we were helped by the padre who asked Judit's family to offer us a room to sleep. Thank you all so much.

Les Romands, crazy bikers, Cordillera Blanca, 07/28/2011

Crossing the Cordillera Blanca in about 4700m altitude we suddenly heard a shout of encouragement "Allez les Suisses!" - What a coincidence to meet some fellow countrymen out in the no-where. Thanks for the coke. It was funny good to spend some minutes with you all.

Felix and his volunteer crew, Caraz, 07/24,25/2011

Thanks for opening your guest house in Caraz. We much appreciated  your trust and help, Felix. Thanks.

Anita and Andy, Austrian Cyclists, 07/22-26/2011

We were informed by locals that there was a couple ahead of us and we finally met them in Yuracmarca. We spent some days together which I enjoyed a lot.
The Austrians had started at home and went for a northern Europe loop first and put their feet on American ground in Las Vegas from where they are travelling in direction Ushuaia too.
See you on the road, keep in touch!

Rogers on the tandem, Canyon del Pato, 07/22/2011

Rogers we first could make out only a silhouette in one of the plenty tunnels through the Canyon del Pato. The couple of Arizona has already made 65'000km on their tandem all over the world,  an achievement you can be proud of.
Keep in touch!

Lucho's famous Casa de Ciclista, Trujillo, 07/20/2011

To meet Lucho is just a must on a tour through Peru. Lucho has been a host already since 1985; about 1600 cyclists appreciated his Casa de Ciclista and he still knows almost all of their names, characters and stories.
When I visited him to pick up a parcel I had asked to be sent to him, I was wondering if I could find some items of other cyclists I knew about. Lucho showed me full of enthusiasm all the guestbooks which he calls his gold. We spent half the night looking after nostalgic items as e.g. the one of Claude Marthaler, the "Cyclonaute" from Geneva whose book motivated me a lot during the time of preparing my tour.
Thanks Lucho for the great work and your help.

At Lucho’s I met Hideki from Japan who rode his bike all the way up from Ushuaia ( as well as Markus from Germany ( and Fernando, a Colombian from Buga. (
It was nice to hang out the few hours and to explore a little bit of Trujillo. Keep in touch.


Françoise, French Cyclist, Chuquicara Canyon, 07/20,23/2011

We are impressed by your drive, Françoise. This retired doctor, we don't mention her age, rides her bike from Venezuela to Ushuaia. See you on the road.

This link shows our encounter.

The Italian Misson, Encañada, 07/12/2011

Thanks for hosting us. - It was a lovely time with the handycapped kids.                 

Los ciclistas Argentinos y Luis, Chachapoyas, 07/05/2011

We met in Chachapoyas where they sold their artesanias; their way to finance their trip. Luis invited us to sleep in his house, thanks. We were impressed by their idea to run some 3000km down the Amazonas river on a selfmade raft until Manaus in Brasil from where they want to go up to Venezuela.
Good luck! I am eager to hear about the success.

Jan, German Cyclist, close to Bagua Grande, 07/04/2011

Again it was a pleasure to meet an up-coming cyclist. Jan started his tour in Ushuaia and will finish in Quito. He had bad luck when his map showed a road leading back from the Amazonas that did not exist. He had to go a long distance through the jungle. We met near Bagua Grande and shared some precious advice, thanks. Keep in touch!

La Casa de Ciclista de Miguel, Jaén, 07/04/2011

We did not know about the house until a local told us that there was a certain Miguel to whom all the foreign cyclists would go. Finally we found out that there was a Casa de Ciclista. Since it was full we slept at the bomberos but went to Miguel often.

Mimie and Ludo, French Cyclists, Jungle near San Ignacio, 06/30/2011

The couple started the tour in Ushuaia. We met near the Ecuadorian border and where probably both surprised to meet some companions in the midst of the jungle. Good luck on your way up to Colombia.