Corry and Andrew, the Navy soldiers on the aircraft carrier, the “Carl Vinson” 10/22/2010

Thank you, guys, for showing us the huge aircraft carrier. We were amazed at the dimensions of the ship and astonished by the place we were able to stand. We never would have imagined. Great was the airstrip above. These were some of the most special minutes of this tour. Furthermore, we enjoyed to go out with you. Thank you.

Kevin and Debbie, our second hosts in San Diego, 10/23-10/24/2010

Great hospitality and chance to explore the city with its backcountry! Thank you. It was interesting for alls of us to talk with you, Kevin, as well as to meet your family. Thanks for the tickets to the Midway. We will not forget.

Emily, Jessica, Ben, Brennan, Kevin and Debbie, our hosts and party mates in San Diego 10/20-10/22/2010

Nice encounter after we finally found your hidden house. Great that you invited your friends as well and prepared all the precious steamed and stemmed food ;-) Thank you all, we liked very much staying with you and how you all supported us. Thanks, Brennan, for arranging to visit the operating aircraft carrier.

Julie hosting us on the Navy base Camp Pendleton, 10/18/2010

Julie, thanks for the hospitality. It was a special experience to stay on a US Navy Base. We enjoyed the funny Taco and frozen yoghurt evening. Thanks for showing us around. Be brave, your husband hopefully will soon come home safe from Afghanistan.

Ingo, the Helicopter pilot we met in Prudhoe Bay and host in Las Vegas, 10/13-10/15/2010

Great time with you, Ingo. Thanks a lot for all you showed us in Vegas and the great accommodation you gave us. We liked exploring the unique and sometimes strange world of Vegas with you even more with your funny comments. – It was thrilling to hear about your heli-stories from jungle, desert and tundra. Take care. Would be nice to see you again in South America or maybe later in the Tirol.

Family Diriwächter, Reto’s cousin family and our hosts in Simi Valley, 10/11 and 10/16/2010

Thank you for accommodating us. Was a nice time with you especially with all the fresh oranges we could pick in your back yard, great juice! Interesting talks, we think we were both inspired, Rainer, we will be interested to hear from you again in a few years' time ;-)

Lucy and John, our hosts in Carpinteria 10/06-10/08/2010

Wow, what a great accommodation you offered us, directly by the seashore, passing dolphins, sunsets and great food. Thanks, it was great with you and we could well relax. Thanks, John, for guiding us around Santa Barbara. And Lucy, best food, thank you.

Family Davidge, vineyard ranchers beside Solvang 10/05/2010

Thanks for inviting us to your vineyard ranch. What a great camping between all these grapes. Thanks for the burgers and the shower all of us were terribly in need of. :-) We greatly appreciated your hospitality.

Charlie, Meghan and Alex, friendly travellers we met at Morro Bay’s State Park 10/04/2010

Wow, how great was that evening, you guys, more party than sleep. Thanks for accommodating us on your small spot on that State Park in Morro Bay. We were totally surprised to see what was waiting for us when we arrived so late at night. We enjoyed the talks around the fire and say thank you for the pizza you provided at a late hour.

Al and his fire fighter crew from San Luis de Obisbo, 10/03/2010

Al, thanks a lot for your uncomplicated help that evening opening us the fire station to camp. Thanks for showing and explaining us all the equipment on your tracks. We enjoyed staying with you all. You were so friendly folks and we have even the impression that you, Al, are stronger than Arnold ;-)

Alfie, our fix gear companion from San Francisco to L.A. 09/30-10/09/2010

Alfie, you were a pearl. How could you ride on a fix gear from San Francisco to L.A.? We still can’t imagine. It was great to see you riding with all the stuff on your back over all the hills. You looked like having a sail on your back. How funny the way you used to carry the water and how you speeded the downhills with your shoes unclipped braking with the shoe on the tyre. Alfie, you were better than a comedy movie. We liked the comments which you gave from your twenty year old background ;-)
Wish you all the best in Tokyo and Shanghai and hope to see you again some day in London.

Sue and Aaron, the employees at Bambooseroo, Santa Cruz 10/01/2010

Thank you, Sue, for showing us Bambooseroo’s manufactory at Santa Cruz. It was very interesting what you explained and what we could see. Great project and high art!

Matt, our new companion for the rest of the tour, 10/28/2010

Matt, you are a blessing from heaven. It fits so well. You are a great enrichment and the best companion I could imagine for the ride through Latin America.
We met Matt South of San Francisco in front of a grocery store. He is riding from his home state, Wisconsin, all the way down to Ushuaia too. I did not have a companion yet for the time after Mexico neither did he. We were both more than happy to have met. Now after almost a month riding together we are even happier. - Matt, I appreciate so much your friendly personality, your patience and I feel so well having somebody with me riding the same pas with the same view of travelling on a bike. We will have a great time, I'm expecting it eagerly or how Alfie would say: “I can’t wait.”

Karl, stayed at the same warmshower’s house in San Francisco 10/25-10/29/2010

Karl, stayed at the same warmshower’s house in San Francisco 10/25-10/29/2010
Great time with you, Karl, in San Francisco and on the way heading South together. Wish you a safe trip on your way from Seattle to Miami.

Mike, our guide in San Francisco, 09/21-09/24/2010

Thank you Mike, you gave us your time and showed us best spots in San Francisco from the view of a local citizen. It was a lot of fun to attend the critical mass with you. Thanks for your help.

Heidi and Martin, our precious hosts in San Francisco and Karl, other guest, 09/19-09/28/2010

Thank you, Heidi and Martin, for the great and very generous time you offered us. We enjoyed staying with you as well as visiting some special events like the critical mass. Thank you, Heidi, for the excellent food, the fresh eggs from your chicken we could take every day and the open fridge, especially the icecream we could not resist. Martin, we liked the funny and interesting talks with you.
Karl, nice to meet you by this coincidence. See you on the road to San Diego.

Olga and Amelia, our first host in San Francisco 09/17-09/19/2010

Thank you, Olga and Amelia, you gave us hospitality when we arrieved at San Francisco at late hour both a bit sick. We recovered well with you and enjoyed the two days a lot.

Becki and Joseph, offering their holiday lodge, Redwoods River Resort, 09/11-09/12/2010

Thank you, Petty and Joseph, you gave us hospitality like parents. Petty the food was precious. Great was the time with you. It was not even an obstacle for you to take our bikes in your bedroom, wow.

The Fryed Brother's 30th birthday and our Harley Davidson friends, Redwoods River Resort, 09/11-09/12/2010

What a surprise that we hit you guys in the redwoods of northern California. It was a lot of fun how you Harley Brothers welcomed us. Thanks for the food and beer, accomodation, free entry to your openair festival and the nice talks.

Caithlyn, Vitec, the other room mates and Sheriff the cat, 09/07-09/09/2010

Back to the roots: Caithlyn and Vitec had invited us even before we had done the first mile. We had met them in the Prudhoe Bay Hotel. It was so unique to meet you again in Arcate. Thank you, Caithlyn and you other room mates, for your hospitality giving us even a room for our own to stay. We very much enjoyed staying with you as well visiting the Reggae night with you, Vitec.

Julius, our American companion for some 1000km 09/02-09/17/2010

Julius, we enjoyed the weeks with you a lot. You enriched us and we liked your sense of humor. Should you once be looking for us again ;-) you know you just have to go to a Fred Meyers or a Mc Donald. The chance to find us there might be the highest.

Christian and Marielle, Swiss fellow countrypeople, 09/04/2010

Christian and Marielle, you surprised us a lot standing beside 101 knowing already who we were. Thanks for stopping. These minutes were very special.

The Rolling Party: Dan, Julius, David, Bettina, Bruno and all the others, 09/02-09/07/2010

We shared the West Coast with a lot of other cyclists heading South.
This gave a change during the day and turned on the hiker-biker sites to party by the end of the days.

Michael, innkeeper from Port Angeles, 08/26/2010

Michael invited us spontaneously to his home at 11 p.m. after we had eaten delicious pizza at his restaurant. He immediately trusted us fully. Michael, we remember your great words: "You make yourself a home."  And indeed we did.
Thank you, Michael.